My Favorite Shops At Disney Springs

Back in October I went to Florida for two weeks. When I was there I had a look around Disney Springs which used to be called Downtown Disney. I really enjoyed having a look around there, especially after they have totally revamped the area and have added a load of new shops.

I love to shop, especially on vacation. If you love to shop too, you will love Disney Springs. In this post I will tell you my favorite shops there.


I love my bath and skincare products and Basin is a store that offers all of this. Located in the Marketplace it sells bath bombs, body butter, scrubs, shampoo bars and more. Plus the products are made from natural ingredients too. It’s a bit like Lush, but has it’s own unique character and is a lot less busy too. So that makes for a more relaxed experience. I think the products are superb, plus reasonably priced. Basin also has a sister brand called Basin White which is more of a luxury range of products. They have a store over at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort.

Basin is open from 9.30am – 11.30pm Friday to Saturday. 9.30am – 11.00pm Sunday to Thursday.

You can find out more about Basin here




World Of Disney

This store is a Disney fan’s dream. It’s like the Disney Store but thousands of times better. The store is huge and features 12 rooms of everything Disney. There are plenty of plush toys, clothing, accessories and much more to look through. I don’t know if this is the worlds biggest Disney store, but if it isn’t, it sure makes a close second. A word of warning, watch out when you walk up to the store. Stitch spits water at you every few seconds.

The store is located in the Marketplace and is open from 10am – 11pm. Check it out here




Goofy’s Candy Company

This is an old favorite of mine. Not only because Goofy is one of my favorite Disney characters, but because of all the awesome goodies you can get your hands on here, not to mention the fun theming. You can grab loads of Goofy branded bagged candy in here, pick and mix jelly beans and you can treat yourself to some chocolatey goodness too. Plus my favorite – Goofy Glaciers. It’s frozen slush available in a range of flavors.

Located at the Marketplace, Goofy’s is open from 10.00am to 11.00pm. You can check out Goofy here






Disney’s Days Of Christmas

At the Marketplace you can find a store that sells Christmas decorations all year round. It’s called Disney’s Days Of Christmas and features everything you need to decorate your home for Christmas. It really does feel weird going around this shop in the middle of summer. Open from 10.00am – 11.00pm. Check it out here



Ghiradelli Ice Cream And Chocolate Shop

This store is home to that famous chocolate from San Francisco. The location at the Marketplace includes both a store and an ice cream shop where you can sit down and treat yourself to a really good sundae. The store offers all different varieties of the chocolate and even hands out samples when you go in. Open 1.30am to 12.00am. You can check it out here





Marketplace Co-Op

This is a relatively new store to the Marketplace and once inside you will find a range of smaller stores from design your own phone cover to clothing and accessories. The Co-Op is open from 10am – Check it out here

Other stores in the Marketplace I love to shop at are Disney Pin Traders, Mickey’s Pantry, Marketplace Fun Finds, Once Upon A Toy, Build A Dino and Lego. Over in the new Town Center MAC and Sephora are my favorites. At the West Side, the Star Wars Galactic Outpost and Disney’s Candy Cauldron are really good places to shop too.

It was also Halloween time when I went so Disney Springs had some really awesome decorations up.



For full opening hours check out the Disney Springs website. On there is also a full store and restaurant directory.


14 thoughts on “My Favorite Shops At Disney Springs

  1. Wow this place looks so amazing. I’ve never been to any kind of disney land and only ever seen the small disney shops you find in cities or towns. Never seen so much disney related stuff in one place!


  2. Good choices, these are all my favourites too! I was in heaven in Goofy’s Candy Store and there’s no other store that can compare to World of Disney! xo


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