Disneyland Is In California

So I’ve decided to do this post because it’s all about something that has been on my mind for a while. I visit a lot of Disney parks in different places. I’ve been to Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney World in Florida many times. I’ve also been to the other Disney in America – Disneyland.

So when I tell people I’m going to Disney World they get excited and are like ‘wow you’re going to Disneyland’ or ‘I have take the kids to Disneyland.’ ‘You looked like you had a great time in Disneyland.’ ‘I’ve booked flights to Florida, now i have to get the Disneyland tickets.’

There is one big problem they are not aware of. Disneyland is not in Florida, for one good reason, it’s in California. It is a completely different park, with different rides, characters and a completely different castle. I appreciate their excitedness but you have to know what park you are going to and where. I do wish people would get the place right and know where they are talking about. Disney World and Disneyland are not the same place. Disney World is in Florida, Disneyland is in California. It really does annoy me that people keep calling Disney World, Disneyland.

Disneyland, California
Walt Disney World, Florida

I’ve even heard stories of people booking their hotels in Florida and then buying Disneyland tickets. If they had bothered to look at Disneyland they would have immediately realized they had just bought tickets for the wrong park, with many kilometers difference and right on the other side of America.

So next time people get really excited over someone going to Disney, especially Florida, I do wish they would bother to know which placeΒ they are talking about. I’m a very big Disney fan so this is a topic that really does annoy me.

You can check out Disneyland and Disney World. And remember two completely different Disney parks, two different names and two different locations.


48 thoughts on “Disneyland Is In California

  1. I have heard people make this mistake as well. I can’t imagine booking a flight to Florida but then buying tickets to Disneyland. That would be quite a big disappointment when it came time to get into the park and you had the entirely wrong ticket!

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  2. I’m probably one of those annoying people. That being said I’ve never been a true fan of Disney. I can count on my hand the films I like from Disney. I can appreciate why people go and enjoy it though x


    1. I think they both have their advantages. Disney World for the water parks, dining plan and Disney’s Magical Express. Disneyland for the harder to find characters, different rides and ease of walking around everywhere x


  3. Haha! Love it! I’ve spent an hour talking to people about Disneyland and giving them hints and tips before they’ve told me they’re staying on the East Coast and avoiding California! How do people not know this! Especially if they’re planning a holiday there. I’m in Australia so it’s a big commitment to travel to the US from here!

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    1. It’s ridiculous and becomes a point where it’s just ignorance. You think they would at least google the place to check it out before saying they want to go there. I even get commenters on this very post still calling it Disneyland x


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