Tokyo Disneyland

I’m a huge Disney fan and visiting every Disney Park in the world has been something I’ve always wanted to do for ages. In 2019 I finally managed to do it. Tokyo was the last Disney Park for me to visit and out of them all I think it is the one I liked best. … More Tokyo Disneyland

Exploring Japan

Japan has been on my list of countries to see for a long time and in 2019 I finally got to go. I took a short flight from Seoul to Tokyo. The flight with Asiana Airlines wasn’t very busy and I ended up getting the seat next to me empty, which was a bonus! After … More Exploring Japan

A Week In Seoul

Last year I spend a week in South Korea, mainly the capital Seoul. From Hong Kong it was a fairly short flight around 2 hours. Arriving in the early evening I was looking forward to getting some rest at my hostel. From Seoul’s Incheon airport I took the metro to the stop nearest to where … More A Week In Seoul

Hong Kong

The second stop on my five month trip of Asia was Hong Kong. I was really looking forward to seeing this place and after a short early morning flight from Shanghai, I was ready to explore. Getting to the city center from the airport was really easy by train. My hostel was in a fantastic … More Hong Kong