The 12 Days Of Blogmas, Day 12 – Christmas Day

Christmas this year is now over and so are my Blogmas themed posts. In my last post I’m going to tell you what I got up to on Christmas Day.



When it comes to Christmas I’m like a big kid and get super excited when I wake up as there are presents waiting. I may have been on Santa’s naughty list, but that didn’t stop me getting loads of presents.

Now when it comes to Christmas dinner I am very untraditional. I may be unpopular for saying it, but I simply despise traditional Christmas dinner. I’ve never liked it, even when I was a kid I would just eat the turkey and nothing else. I like turkey, but I hate all the other stuff that goes with it. This year I had a reggae reggae Christmas dinner. Turkey with reggae reggae sauce and rice. It tasted amazing.



I also got this really awesome snowman cake from Morrisons. The top is like a pinata. You just smash it and inside are a load of white chocolate malteser type chocolates.



As usual the day went by really quick. I had a great time and enjoyed it a lot. Merry Christmas.


9 thoughts on “The 12 Days Of Blogmas, Day 12 – Christmas Day

  1. Glad you had a very nice Christmas day and the cake looked very cute! I love the fact you went spicy with your Christmas dinner x


  2. We don’t have a traditional Christmas Day dinner either and I honestly believe that whatever works for you, is the best thing to do especially on the big day. Love the look of that cake too!


  3. hahaha this made me laugh, reggae reggae Christmas dinner hehe. I am with you though, I am not that traditional when it comes to the food. The idea of waiting hours and hours for a dinner, then cannot move for hours because eaten too much. does not appeal. Glad you had a nice reggae Christmas:)))


  4. Looks like you had an awesome nontraditional Christmas, Christmas is sill my favourite time of the year this year i chose to be a #badmom and went away to sunny Dubai for Christmas with the family!!!


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