The 12 Days Of Blogmas, Day 9 – The Magical Ice Kingdom

The Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park has many different things to see and do, including various pre bookable attractions. One of these is the Magical Ice Kingdom. It’s at the Winter Wonderland every year and features all different sculptures made out of ice. This years theme is Deep Sea Adventure where you can find mermaids, gods and sea creatures.


I paid £10 to go in and as soon as I walked inside I could feel the cold right away. Fortunately I was wrapped up warm so I wasn’t too cold. I’m pretty sure it was around -10 inside. The Ice Kingdom is great and it was really fun seeing all of the ice sculptures.









If you are at the Winter Wonderland, than a visit to the Ice Kingdom is a must. At the end they have a slide made of ice that you can go down. A word of warning – you will get your butt wet going down. All part of the fun and definitely worth it. Merry Christmas.


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