The 12 Days Of Blogmas, Day 3 – TGI Fridays Christmas Menu

It’s now December, which means not long to Christmas. Different restaurants have brought out a festive themed menu in addition to their regular menu. One restaurant I enjoy going to is TGI Fridays and the other week I decided to order from their Christmas menu. I went to the TGI’s in St David’s Center, Cardiff.

TGI’s did a similar menu last year but I didn’t try it. This year’s looked quite good and I decided to try it out as it was three courses for £22.99. Plus if you order the three course meal you get a Christmas themed cocktail from the menu for £3.99.


Items from the menu can also be ordered a la carte too, as all items are priced individually. So if you didn’t want a three course meal but just wanted an entree, you could just order that. I went for the three course offer as it looked very good.


The first drink I ordered was called a Purple Snowstorm. It’s a mix of rum, blue curacao, vodka, chambord, sweet and sour, grenadine and a sugar rim. This one tasted awesome and had this really nice sweet taste to it.


The appetizer I went for was the mozzarella parcels which were basically mozzarella dippers. Instead of a tomato dip I got a cranberry dip. Icing sugar was also on top of the dippers too. I did originally think the icing sugar would taste weird but it was quite nice as they weren’t covered in it. Just a dusting.


I really enjoy the Jack Daniels sesame chicken strips when i usually go to TGI’s, so I was really glad these were on the set menu. Like the mozzarella parcels, these ones came with icing sugar too, along with pomegranate seeds and a cranberry dip. Like the mozzarella parcels, the icing sugar wasn’t too much and didn’t ruin the taste of the chicken strips.


For dessert I went for the chocolate orange brownie sundae. It tasted really fresh and zingy, due to the orange sorbet. I did like the combination of the popcorn and brownie that were included in the dessert.


I also ordered a Jingle Bell Punch which was a mix of vodka, midori, grenadine, cranberry and blueberry juice. This one was very refreshing and had a nice fruity taste to it.


The Christmas menu is great value for money as you get a three course meal for £22.99. The menu offers a good choice of food too. So if you are looking for a good place to eat this time of year I do recommend checking out TGI Fridays.


12 thoughts on “The 12 Days Of Blogmas, Day 3 – TGI Fridays Christmas Menu

  1. I actually stopped by TGI Fridays while shopping at Bluewater last weekend and tried the Jack’s Christmas Chicken Dinner from the menu and it was bloody delicious! Wasn’t overly keen on the icing sugar on the mozarella parcels though! xx


  2. That is a tasty Christmas menu and a great price for three courses. The food looks delicious and loving the cocktails. Always a good addition to a Christmas meal.


  3. I’m a complete lightweight when it comes to cocktails -one normally does for me but those look very tempting. I find TGI food very satisfying and the atmosphere is always buzzing.


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