The 12 Days Of Blogmas. Day 2. Visiting The Cardiff Winter Wonderland

It’s day 2 of my Christmas themed posts – The 12 Days Of Blogmas. In this post I’m going to tell you all about my visit to the Winter Wonderland in Cardiff.

Ice Rink

It’s now December, which means not long until Christmas. Every year the Winter Wonderland comes to Cardiff. If you are unfamiliar with it, it’s a Winter themed area featuring Christmas themed rides and games, a giant wheel, bars, food, ice rink and a giant wheel. It’s located in front of the City Hall, starts in November and finishes in January.

The Winter Wonderland has been going for so long, I can’t actually remembering it starting. It’s definitely worth a visit as it makes a good afternoon or evening out. Do wrap up warm as it can get cold, especially if you want to go ice skating.




Cardiff’s version of the Winter Wonderland is nothing like the one in Hyde Park and I do have to say that after visiting the one in Hyde Park, the Cardiff one does seem a bit boring. Hyde Park’s version will always be the best.

There was a bar selling drinks which was in this big log cabin. It did have a nice cozy feel inside and is a great way of staying out of the cold. Price wise, I found the drinks were the same price as what they charge in the Winter Wonderland in London. I spent around £5.00 each for a drink. In London you expect those prices, but here in Cardiff they seem to charge the same.

The big wheel was there last year and the one before. You will not get me on it as I hate big wheels. Last time I went on one I had a panic attack at the top and wanted to get off. I can go on really high roller coasters and things that go upside down, but I cannot go on the big wheel.


So if you are in Cardiff be sure to check out the Winter Wonderland as it will make you feel all festive.


12 thoughts on “The 12 Days Of Blogmas. Day 2. Visiting The Cardiff Winter Wonderland

  1. Lovely photos! Cardiff always looks so lush at this time of year. I’m off to winter wonderland tomorrow and I can’t wait to do some skating


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