Eating Out In Marbella

One of my favorite things about going on holiday is eating out. When I went to Marbella last month there were plenty of places to eat and they weren’t too expensive either. Before I went, I heard people saying that eating out will cost a fortune. I guess that depends on which restaurants you go to. The ones I went too were quite reasonable. Although there are some quite expensive places to eat, there were plenty of more reasonable ones too.


On the front in Puerto Banus is this really awesome pizza restaurant called Picasso. They do a fantastic choice of pizza and it isn’t expensive either. If you love cocktails too they do a good choice of drinks too. The pizzas are quite big and I had trouble finishing mine.



The pizza was so good I ate here twice. The first time I ordered the BBQ Chicken and the other time I went for cheese and tomato. Out of the two I liked the BBQ one best as it tasted amazing.



If you love pizza and are in Marbella, I do recommend eating here. It’s much easier to get a table at lunchtime and the afternoon as in the evening it does get a lot busier.

Hard Rock Cafe

I’m a big fan of Hard Rock as the food is excellent and the menu is the same no matter which one you go in. The one in Marbella is located in Puerto Banus. Getting a table was nice and easy as it was the early evening.

I ordered the BBQ chicken which came with fries and BBQ beans. It tasted amazing and price wise was around the same as other Hard Rock Cafes. The cocktail I ordered came in a souvenir glass that I was able to take home with me.


Hot Dog Beach

The walk from the hotel along the beach to Puerto Banus had many bars and places to get something to eat. One of these places was Hot Dog Beach and had a good selection of hot dogs and other fast food items. They also do a nice selection of cocktails too (alcoholic and non alcholic). Food was very reasonable and I paid around 2 euros for my hot dog.




There were plenty of restaurants to choose from with something to suit all tastes and budgets. I would definitely eat again at all of these restaurants I went to.


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