A Day At The Sea Soul Beach Club

Last month I went to Marbella for a few days and as you can imagine it was nice and hot. Fortunately there are many ways you can cool down and one of these is to go to a beach club. Marbella has many choose from including Ocean Club which on certain days hosts the famous champagne spray parties.

I stayed at the Iberostar Marbella Coral Beach which has it’s own beach club – Sea Soul Beach Club. Staying at a hotel that has a beach club is amazing as you don’t have to travel far to get to it.


The beach club isn’t too big and is actually a nice size and comes with a bar, restaurant and pool. There are plenty of sunbeds around the pool and many face onto the beach. I paid 15 euros to hire a bed for the day, ordered some cocktails and just chilled out. It really is a fantastic way to relax under the sun. Drinks weren’t  too badly priced either with cocktails at 10 euros each.

When you arrive you get taken to a bed and given towels too. The first time I went here I also got given a welcome drink too which was great. If you get thirsty getting a drink is easy to as the staff are always walking around.


The great thing about the beach club was the pool was actually not busy. I’m not sure if it got busier later on in the summer, but it sure was a good way to cool down.





I really enjoyed the beach club and if you are visiting Marbella I do recommend checking a club out as you will have an amazing time.


27 thoughts on “A Day At The Sea Soul Beach Club

  1. Oh wow, how I would love to be there right now! We went to a beach resort in Spain this summer but we weren’t allowed to have glasses near the pool. That’s the whole point of lounging by a pool is to drink cocktails!


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