Game Of Thrones Walking Tour, Dubrovnik

I’m a huge fan of Game Of Thrones. I have all of the box sets and have read all of the books. And as you can guess I’m really looking forward to Season 7. Dubrovnik is one of many locations where the series is filmed. Dubrovnik is actually home to Kings Landing and if you visit the city it is easy to recognize locations from the TV series. Season 1 was filmed in Malta, while filming in Dubrovnik began in Season 2.

When I was in Dubrovnik I saw that there were Game Of Thrones walking tours available. As a fan, going on this tour was a must. The tours are led by locals who know all about the locations, the filming and also some knowledge that isn’t available on the internet.

The tour began just outside the gates of the Old Town. Our guide introduced himself and told us about how the tour would be done. He was going to take us to a number of different locations where different scenes were filmed. He also had a photo book with him showing the scenes from the show and comparing it to real life. First stop, Blackwater Bay.

Fort Lovrijenac is one of the locations that has been used for filming. You may recognize it as the Red Keep. It’s important to note that quite a bit of CGI has been used in the series. The Red Keep you see on TV has actually had quite a bit added to it.

The Battle Of The Blackwater was actually created by CGI too. Our tour led us into the Red Keep itself, which the inside did look very familiar from the TV. The walk to the entrance is actually 37 meters up. Entrance wasn’t included with the tour, so this was extra. I didn’t have to pay as I had my Dubrovnik Card which included entry.


Fort Lovrijenac (Red Keep)
Inside the Red Keep


Other locations included the city gates and Cersei’s walk of shame.

Walk of shame


Around the Old Town are many gift shops and most of them sell Game Of Thrones merchandise. One of the stores has a replica of the Iron Throne which you can sit on and have a photo. Photos are free, but you must buy something to be able to take a photo.



The tour was fantastic and our guide was brilliant. I really enjoyed the tour and seeing the locations where the series was filmed. If you are in Dubrovnik and are a fan of Game Of Thrones, I highly recommend the tour.


36 thoughts on “Game Of Thrones Walking Tour, Dubrovnik

  1. I’ve never seen Game of Thrones, I don’t think it’s really for me – this walking tour though, I could do this just to learn about the area and the architecture 🙂 your photos look amazing too! x


  2. I have never watched an episode of Game of Thrones, but heard so many good things about it. The tour looks amazing, would love to go and visit this


  3. This walking tour sounds really interesting! I hope I can experience this too. I am watching Game of Thrones so I would say I will definitely enjoy this kind of tour. Your picture in that Iron throne is so fierce!


  4. Oh my, that must have been so awesome. I have always had little Malta on my travel wish list, if only because it was so … unusual. the GoT scenery would put that over the top for me. did it take away from the ture history of Malta for you?


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