Exploring Dubrovnik’s Old Town

Last month I went to Dubrovnik for a few days. No trip to Dubrovnik is complete, unless you visit the Old Town. The Old Town is surrounded by a wall and is one of the world’s finest and most preserved medieval cities.


The walls were built between the 11th and 17th centuries and today, enclose Dubrovnik’s historic center. It’s possible to take a walk around the walls and on one of the days I was there, I took a walk around them one morning. The view is amazing.

View from the city walls


It also happens to be a UNESCO World Heritage site. The churches, facades and streets have remained unchanged for centuries. A lot of renovation took place to restore the city to it’s former splendor after the war in the 90s. Travel around the Old Town is by foot as it is completely pedestrianized. You will find no cars or buses in the Old Town and if you are arriving by bus or taxi, they drop off just outside the city gates.

There was much to see and do in the Old Town and taking a walk through the narrow streets and just exploring was very enjoyable. Around the town you can find many shops and if you get hungry there is plenty of choice for food as there are many restaurants.


With my Dubrovnik card I got entry into many museums and the city walls at no extra cost. The card really does save you money especially if you are in Dubrovnik for a few days. It also gives you discount at a number of restaurants in the Old Town.

Church Of The Holy Annunciation

At night a walk around the Old Town really is relaxing and a lot quieter to the day, as many of the crowds have gone. Seeing different buildings lit up at night really was a fantastic experience.

Bell Tower


Church Of St Blaise

Most of my time in Dubrovnik was spent in the Old Town. It really is an amazing place to visit.


27 thoughts on “Exploring Dubrovnik’s Old Town

  1. You’re totally selling me on Dubrovnik. It’s such a beautiful city. I love these kinds of pedestrianised zones in cities but slow walkers really bug me if it’s crowded. Your ice cream looks delicious.

    V ❤️


  2. Such a wonderful looking place, fabulous buildings; and the lack of vehicles is great. I imagine it is somewhere you could spend more than one day.


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