Dubrovnik to London

They do say all good things must come to an end. I had a great time in Dubrovnik and after my 4 days there it was time to go home. The flight back to London was an afternoon flight, leaving Dubrovnik just after lunchtime.

Check in at the airport was nice and smooth. I was flying with British Airways in Club Europe, which is their short haul business class. I flew Club Europe on the way out and really enjoyed it, so I was hoping the flight back would be just as good.

After check in, it was time to go through to departures. Flying business gives you access to the lounge at the airport. The lounge in Dubrovnik wasn’t as big as the lounge in Gatwick, but it still had a good selection of refreshments as well as comfy seating.

Dubrovnik airport isn’t a big airport and doesn’t have all of the shops that Gatwick does. There was only a duty free store and a coffee shop. So if you want to buy snacks to take on the plane with you it is a good idea to buy them before you get to the airport as the choice is quite limited.

Soon it was time to board to flight to London.

The plane


Not long after takeoff, drinks were starting to be served as well as lunch. Flying Club Europe gets you complimentary drinks and a meal. BA used to offer a complimentary meal to it’s Euro Traveller (economy) passengers but has stopped and now offers a range of food and drinks to buy.

I couldn’t say no to a glass of champagne on the flight. There were two choices of meal – chicken or spicy corn and paneer masala. I went for the curry which was actually very nice. It was a bit spicy (love hot food) and tasted very good. It was also a veggie curry too. My friend ordered the same and actually thought it was chicken until I told him otherwise. Was the nicest meal I have ever had on a plane. Dessert was just as good and was a chocolate cheesecake.






The flight was around 2 hours and went very quick. Before I knew it we were back in Gatwick.


I really enjoyed the flight coming home. It was just as enjoyable as the flight going out. The service offered was fantastic and I couldn’t fault it. Thanks BA for a fab flight.


26 thoughts on “Dubrovnik to London

  1. I live in the US and the planes I’ve been on have been the standard planes where we get a snack and a drink. That is awesome that you got a meal and a drink. The meal looks delicious. Glad you a good flight experience with BA.


  2. Isn’t it wonderful when things turn out better than expected? Especially when it comes to airline flights? I’m so glad for you


  3. I’ve never flown Club Europe, but it certainly sounds better than flights offered by the likes of Ryanair and Easy Jet. I recently flew MEA, and I was given a menu to choose from, I found it so novel lol 🙂 x


  4. We have only flown with BA once and that was standard flights and we loved it so this sounds AMAZING! having just flown back from a small airport with no seating for the outbound flights i love the idea of the lounges and will be looking into these next time


  5. Wicked menu! Having never even been to an airport, never mind flown – I wouldn’t know what to normally expect. You do realise I now have very high expectations ha! x


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