A Trip On The Dubrovnik Cable Car

There are many things to see and do in Dubrovnik and one of them is a trip on the Cable Car to the top of Mount Srdj. From the Old Town you can see the Cable Car going up the mountain and on my last day there I decided it would be great to take a trip right to the top.

The Cable Car station was located just outside of the Old Town. A trip on it wasn’t included with my Dubrovnik Card so I had to pay extra. A return trip costs 130 Kuna, while a one way will cost 80 Kuna.


The journey to the top takes a few minutes and takes you 778 meters to the top. It was a really nice smooth ride and wasn’t at all bumpy. On the top of the mountain is a gift shop and a restaurant. It is also where you can visit the Imperial Fortress which has inside the Museum Of The Croatian War Of Independence.



The views were simply amazing. From the top I was able to see all of the Old Town and also further out into the sea. I was really glad I took a trip on it as the view was definitely worth it. I didn’t visit the museum, but it did sound very interesting.






So if you are visiting Dubrovnik, I highly recommend a trip on the cable car as the views are breathtaking.

Have you been to Dubrovnik? Did you take a trip on the cable car?


33 thoughts on “A Trip On The Dubrovnik Cable Car

  1. Dubrovnik looks incredible – my parents have visited and I think I’m going to have to book a trip.
    I love cable cars for the views you get!


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