Walking Dubrovnik’s City Walls

When I was in Dubrovnik last month, one of the things I did was take a walk around the city walls. Dubrovnik’s Old Town is surrounded by walls that are 2km long. Many people decide to take the walk around them and this is what I did one morning.



The walls can get quite busy, so I do recommend starting out early. I started my walk around 11am and found not many crowds at all. Although later on in the day I did notice them get more busy. This is especially true in the summer months later on in the year when more people visit Dubrovnik.


You can access the walls at three entrances along the route. I began my walk at the main entrance and carried on from there.


I saw many interesting things along the walk and the views are really impressive. Part of the walk takes you along the Adriatic where you can see Fort Lovrijenac and Lokrum Island.

Fort Lovrijenac


Walking the walls can get a bit tiring especially when the weather is hot. Along the route I passed a few different cafes which offer a good range of hot and cold refreshments. I decided to take a short break with a drink and enjoy the views across the Adriatic.


A bit later on I continued my walk which led me to the harbour which as you can expect is full of boats. The last part of the walls takes you to the Minceta Fortess where you can climb to the top. The view from up here is fantastic and if you are climbing the walls, you definitely don’t want to miss this.

Minceta Fortress


So if you are in Dubrovnik, a walk along the city walls is not to be missed. I enjoyed my walk around the walls as the views are amazing.

Entrance to the walls for adults costs 150 Kuna  (Fort Lovrijenac is also included), children aged 5-18, 50 Kuna. Kids under 5 go for free. I had a Dubrovnik Card which included entrance to the walls, so I didn’t have to pay again. The card allows you free entry to a range of different museums and attractions. The card costs 150 Kuna for a one day and 250 Kuna for a three day. It definitely saved money.

The walls are not open all day, so like I said get there early. It took me over an hour to walk the 2km around the town.


42 thoughts on “Walking Dubrovnik’s City Walls

  1. I live in a walled town myself, and often find it an enjoyable walk. Dubrovnik’s walls look fantastic, with beautiful views. Certainly a worthwhile walk, and no doubt a must do if visiting.


  2. My sister in law is actually from Croatia and I have been there to visit, it’s truly the most beautiful country, Dubrovnik is next on my list and I will definitely be going on the wall walk! great post 🙂 xx


  3. wow such stunning views and the buildings look so pretty. I think I would need to stop of at a cafe for a nice drink doing all that walking


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