Hotel Kompas, Dubrovnik

Last week I went to Dubrovnik for 4 days and stayed at the Hotel Kompas for 3 nights. The Hotel Kompas is a 4 star hotel located in Lapad Bay and has a good choice of facilities including an outdoor pool, conference center, spa, bars and a restaurant.


The hotel is really light and airy and has some fantastic views across Lapad Bay. It was just under 4km to the Old Town, which can be reached by taxi or by bus. I mainly got the bus into the town which took around 10 – 15 minutes.

View from the hotel

I was staying in room 516 which had a partial sea view. All rooms come with a good size bathroom and mine also had a balcony where you could sit outside. I found that the beds were very comfy and I never had trouble sleeping.

The room was also very quiet too and you couldn’t hear much outside noise. The first night I stayed here there was quite a big thunderstorm and downstairs in the bar you could really hear the thunder. When I went back to my room I looked outside and could see the lightning but didn’t hear much thunder.






Pool area
Outdoor seating
Lapad Bay

Lapad Bay usually has a beach, but the beach was out of use as there was some work being done on it, meaning there was no beach at all.

If you don’t feel like going to the Old Town for something to eat and drink, there are quite a few bars and restaurants just outside the hotel on Lapad Promenade that offer a good choice. There was also a supermarket nearby that had a good range of things to buy.

I really enjoyed my stay at the Hotel Kompas as the rooms and facilities were great, plus I couldn’t fault the location.

Hotel Kompas Dubrovnik

Kardinala Stepnica 21

20000 Dubrovnik



48 thoughts on “Hotel Kompas, Dubrovnik

  1. Glad you enjoyed your stay! The view from the hotel is lovely, and how great that the rooms were pretty much soundproof


  2. What a lovely hotel! The views are stunning and how wonderful for rooms that are quiet. Throw in some great food and a glass of wind .. I’m in heaven


  3. The hotel seems to be situated in a really nice area and I love that your room had sea views. Phonic isolation if very important for a good night’s sleep, same as a comfy bed.


  4. I have a friend that just booked flights to Dubrovnik and she is looking for a hotel. I will send this link to her.


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