Gatwick To Dubrovnik In Club Europe

Last week I went to Dubrovnik, Croatia for a few days. To get there I flew from Gatwick Airport with British Airways. This was a very early flight so I arrived at Gatwick really nice and early, around 4.30am for the 7.15 flight.

I don’t think I have ever been at an airport that early, in all my years of flying. BA have recently moved to Gatwick’s South Terminal from the North. As it was really early, check in was very quick and easy, with literally no queues. It did feel really funny to see hardly anyone waiting to check in for a flight.

Virtually no queues at all this early in the morning

I was flying BA’s Club Europe, which is their short haul business class. I haven’t been business class short haul, but have been with BA in Club World which is long haul business. Club World is fantastic, so I was really eager to see what Club Europe would be like. There are two classes of travel with BA short haul – Club Europe and Euro Traveller (Economy).

Flying Club Europe gives you extra benefits compared to Euro Traveller, which are

  • Lounge access
  • Increased luggage allowance of 2 bags per passenger, 32kg each
  • More space onboard
  • Complimentary food and drink onboard
  • Priority boarding
  • Dedicated Club Europe check in desks

A great perk of business class is access into the BA lounge at Gatwick. It didn’t open until after 5am, which gave me a bit of time to look around duty free before chilling in the lounge.

After a short wait the lounge was open. This one is brand new and is a fairly big lounge. There were plenty of comfy armchairs to relax in, along with a good selection of food and drink. As it was early in the morning, breakfast was being served and I helped myself to the buffet. On offer were a choice of cereals, toast, pastries and hot food plus more.

Breakfast in the lounge

After some breakfast it was time to board. Boarding was fairly quick and we were on our way in no time.

On short haul flights with BA, the seating in Euro Traveller is 3 + 3. In Club Europe the seating is still 3 + 3, but the middle seat is taken away by putting a table in between the seats, making it 2 + 2. The legroom is still 76.2 cm, but the middle seat taken away means you have more room and space.

Club Europe seating


BA now offer refreshments for sale in Euro Traveller, but in Club Europe you are offered a complimentary meal and bar. As this was a early flight breakfast was being served. There was a choice of two options to eat – Full English or Mushroom Frittata, along with a choice of warm breads and pastries.

Full English

I went for the Full English which was quite nice. The sausages and bacon tasted very good. To drink I skipped tea and coffee, and went for champagne instead. Yes, I know it was after 7am, but a glass of champagne was too tempting.

View from the window

The flight was just over 2 hours and before we knew it, it was time to land in Dubrovnik. The flight was very smooth and really did fly by. I couldn’t fault the crew either, who were excellent and very attentive.

I can’t remember the name of the crew member who looked after us in Club Europe, but he was fantastic, very friendly and made sure we were looked after throughout the flight.

The plane


Once landed, it was off down the steps and onto a bus to the main terminal. I haven’t flown Club Europe before but definitely recommend it as the benefits of flying business are really worth it.


14 thoughts on “Gatwick To Dubrovnik In Club Europe

  1. I have an irrational fear of flying and I think flying business would help as everything is bigger and more ‘like a train’ sort of thing. Sounds a lot less scary than my experience of flying (gosh I hate it!)


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