Cocktail Tasting At 29 Park Place

On Sunday I was invited to a bloggers event at 29 Park Place in Cardiff. I love bloggers events, especially when I am available to go to one. I’ve never been to a cocktail tasting bloggers event before so I was really looking forward to it.

29 Park Place is a bar and restaurant in a really nice old looking building, just across the road from the Museum on Park Place in Cardiff. It’s a nice short walk from Queen Street.



It offers a good choice of food and cocktails and I just love the whole feel of the place too as it just feels so homely and welcoming. At 29 Park Place you will find loads of nice comfy sofas and armchairs where you can just sit back and chill. You can even play some pool or board games too.







The event had a nice small group of bloggers attending and we had a quiet area of the restaurant reserved for us. The staff were really friendly and told us we could order any three cocktails off the menu.


The choice of cocktails was superb and I really enjoyed deciding which ones to order. Food was also brought to us and included nachos, pork belly and bread with dips. I don’t eat pork so I gave the pork belly a miss. The nachos were really good and the bread tasted fantastic as it was nice and warm too.

The first drink I ordered was Let’s Get Fizzical. This one had Elderflower and Peach Prosecco in it. I thought everything came together really well in this drink, there was a good blend of flavors and it wasn’t overpowering either.


Next was Let It BeGin. This one had to be my favorite out of the three. In it was Beefeater, Strawberry And Rosemary Syrup and Mediterranean Tonic. Around the glass was fresh mint too which gave the drink a really nice fresh taste. It did taste quite strong, although I do like strong cocktails. I did think all of the flavors came together nicely to create a really nice refreshing drink that would be great for summer.


The last one I ordered was called Bangkok Bramble. This one had Beefeater, Lemongrass And Ginger Syrup, Blackberry And Basil Liquer. This one I wasn’t really sure about as it did have one distinctive taste which I couldn’t really tell what it was. It could have been the basil or the lemongrass, but I’m not so sure. This one I did think did taking getting used to as I didn’t really like it at first, but as I drank it, I just got used to the taste.


I really enjoyed tasting all of the cocktails at this event, plus hanging out with different bloggers too. What I liked about the place was the really nice cozy, welcoming feel it had to it. It’s the perfect place to go after a long stressful day.

Thanks 29 Park Place for having us and I will definitely be returning. You can check out their website here.

29 Park Place


CF10 3Ba

029 20397842


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