Why Disney Is Better For Adults

If you read my blog you will know that I am a huge Disney fan. I’ve been visiting the Disney parks since I was kid. I’ve been to Disneyland Paris, Disneyland and Disney World and have had a great time. I’ve been as a kid a few times and I’ve been as an adult many more times and in this post I’m going to tell you why Disney is better for adults, than kids.

I know a lot of readers will probably start reading this and panic. ‘What does she mean, it’s better for kids, it’s Disney, Disney is for kids!’ There I correct you. Disney is designed for everyone, kids and adults. But visiting any Disney park as an adult, is more enjoyable than it is as a kid. I’m also going to add older kids like teens to this post because they are most likely to enjoy it better than really young kids too.


  1. Who’s Vacation Is It?

I’m going to get quite unpopular for putting this in, but I’m going to say it anyway because it has got to be said. For families traveling with extremely young children, it has to be asked – who’s vacation is it? Very often I see families taking babies and very young kids to the Disney parks. Pretty much all of the time the baby is fast asleep and has no idea what is going on around them. The same with small kids, they are way too young to understand anything going on around them. I first went to Disney when I was around 4 and I don’t remember much about it. Very often when queuing up for character meet and greets you see families literally forcing the kid to have their photo taken with the character and you can tell the kid doesn’t want to be in the photo. Those parents just don’t get it, your kid doesn’t want their photo taken, leave them alone. Plus many small kids and babies often get terrified by a character coming up to them. Which leaves me to ask, who’s vacation is it? Do you genuinely want your kids to enjoy Disney or are you just using the family vacation thing as an excuse for you to go to Disney.


Don’t get me wrong Disney is great for kids, I just think there is a certain age you should start taking them, not when they are just a few months old or even three years old. Waiting is going to be better for them. I would recommend parents wait until their kid is at least six before they start take to them.

2. Memories are so much better when you are old enough to remember…

This sort of links in with my previous point. Come twenty years time is that baby who went to Disney going to be able to look back at their first visit to Disney with fond memories or just have no recollection of it at all. I started going to Disneyland Paris when I was around four and I only really remember the third or fourth trip there when I was seven. I definitely remember my first visit to Walt Disney World when I was ten.

Daisy Duck
Talking Mickey at Magic Kingdom

3. The Rides Are Better When You Are Big Enough

Disney has a great choice of rides, especially thrill rides. In Disney World, Space Mountain, Mission Space, Tower Of Terror and Rock N Roller Coaster are some of my favorites. I love them now, but there was no way I would ride them as a little kid. Mainly because of the height requirements, but also because my six year old self would be too scared to ride Tower Of Terror. And there was no way I would go down Summit Plummet at that age either. When I’ve gone to Disney I see it happen very often. Some kid keeps on at their parents to let them go on Space Mountain, then they get all excited just to get turned away at the entrance because they are not tall enough. Sure there are loads of other rides small kids can go on, but why not go when you are big enough to enjoy them all.

Summit Plummet at Blizzard Beach

As an adult I enjoy the character meet and greets a lot better too, especially with the face characters like the princesses. The interaction is so much better at my age and even with the fur characters too.

I definitely enjoy Disney better as an adult. Many people seem to think it is just for kids, but us adults love it too and you will see loads of people there without kids. Nobody is too old at Disney.


47 thoughts on “Why Disney Is Better For Adults

  1. I think that you are right that there is probably a certain age that parents should wait for their children to be before taking them to Disney. I don’t necessarily think they need to be adults but it would most likely be more enjoyable once they are old enough and big enough to ride the bigger rides and of course old enough to remember being there.

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  2. I have only been as an adult but we first took our kids when they where 2. Yes i agree they didnt get the benefit but its all about creating memories and we have some fabulous pictures 🙂 i cant wait to take them back for their 3rd trip, mne as well 🙂 x

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    1. But that’s my exact point. You may have got some good memories, but the kids won’t because they won’t remember a thing about it. I was reading about one family took their very young kids to Disney, spent all the money on it and all the kids wanted to do was go in the hotel pool. They didn’t want to go to any of the parks x


  3. I’m so keen to go to Disney!! Good points about the memories and being able to go on rides. I think all I can remember from being a kid is what my parents have told me!

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      1. I think maybe when they are tall enough to go on the rides is best- they will be having fun at the time even if they can’t remember 🙂 And maybe as a parent you would want an excuse to go haha!

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  4. Definitely agree with who’s holiday really is it! I’m heading back to Disneyland Paris in March as a 22 year old and I cannot wait as I haven’t been since I was around 9. I’d love to go back to Florida too!

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  5. I’d love to go to Disney as an adult – I went to the Paris Disney as a young teenager and enjoyed it then, but I think as a very small child I probably wouldn’t have appreciated it as much as I would now!


  6. I LOVE the disney parks so much!! We just recently had a discussion about what age would be the best age to take the kids as my 4yo is desperate to go!! I agree to an extent that its better when you’re older because you can go on everything there, you’ll have fonder memories of it and be able to enjoy it to the fullest but I also think you have to take the kids when they believe in it all!! I love seeing the small kids that go and actually believe they are meeting the real princesses its incredible, a memory for you equally that would be amazing to have!

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    1. I guess all kids are different, but in general a lot will not remember it. I’ve gone to Disney loads of times and seen parents with babies who are fast asleep all of the time. I find it really unfair on the kids who have parents who drag them into photos with different characters. It’s obvious the kid doesn’t want to be in the photo because they start screaming or try to walk away. And when the parents do get hold of them they look away as they are not interested. With those sorts of parents I do find it’s more what they want, not the kid x


  7. When me ans my partner were 19 we went to Disneyland Paris, it was a lot of fun, I don’t think we would be able to cope with our son now though. I wouldn’t say adults have more fun- I don’t think there’s a way to compare how children and adults get joy and fun from these things but I do agree that it is a different experience as an adult


  8. When you put it like that, I definitely agree! I think it’s best to take you kids when they are at an age where they will remember things and then they can go back when they are grown up and reminisce 😀


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