Pat O Brien’s, Orlando

One of the great things about staying onsite at Universal Orlando is you can go to Citywalk in the evening. Staying onsite makes it a lot easier to go there and you can go there every night of your stay if you want. They have a good choice of restaurants and one place I enjoyed was Pat O Brien’s.


Pat O Brien’s, Orlando is an authentic reproduction of New Orleans favorite watering hole. They also have a restaurant in San Antonio, Texas too. I really liked the sound of this place when I read about it online so I decided to check it out. The original opened in 1933 in New Orleans and it was here that the Hurricane cocktail was invented.

It’s the original home of dueling pianos, the flaming fountain patio and the world famous Hurricane. I decided to have a table inside as it was a lot cooler, plus you get to hear the live music a lot better too. I ate here twice and every night I was there they had people playing on the piano.


If you love cocktails you will be spoilt for choice here. I ordered the Hurricane which came in a souvenir glass to take home. I also had a Mint Julep and a Pat O’s Rainstorm. All tasted amazing and I’m not sure which one I liked best.


Pat O’s Rainstorm
Mint Julep

The menu offers a good choice of cajun cuisine such as jambalaya, chicken and beignets. Along with burgers and steak. I ordered the creole chicken one night which was a blackened chicken breast with rice and beans in a spicy sauce. I also enjoyed the jambalaya I ordered on the other night I ate here. Both meals were very tasty and I highly recommend them to anyone.

Creole Chicken



This is a great restaurant at Citywalk and I highly recommend it. With excellent entertainment and fantastic food and drinks, it’s not hard to see why Pat O Brien’s says you will have fun. It’s open from 4pm to 2am.

Pat O Brien’s

6000 Universal Blvd

Orlando, Florida



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