Disney’s Blizzard Beach

I’m a really big Disney fan and have been to Disney World in Florida many times. One of the great things about Disney World is the two amazing water parks they have – Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon. I’ve been to both and think Blizzard Beach is the best out of the two. If you have been to Florida, you will know how hot and humid it gets and what better way to cool down than in a water park.


As with anything Disney, there is always a backstory and the one for Blizzard Beach goes like this. One year Florida had a freak snow storm over the western side of Disney World which led to the creation of a ski resort. The ski lifts went up and then as soon as it began, the temperatures went up and everything melted. The creators of the park then decided to change all of the toboggan runs and slalom courses into watersides.

The wintery theme of the park is awesome and so are all of the watersides. Blizzard Beach is also home to Mount Gushmore which looks like a ski jump. In fact you can ride a chair lift to the top of Mount Gushmore and slide right down it on Summit Plummet. A super high waterside with a vertical drop.

Summit Plummet

As you can see in the photo Summit Plummet is very high. It’s around 36m tall and you shoot down it at a speed of 97km/h. It is the third highest and fastest free fall side in the world. I had wanted to go on this ever since I first saw it and as I was in Blizzard Beach, going down it was a must. It’s quite a climb up Mount Gushmore so I took the chair lift up and began the walk up to the top of the slide. It only really dawned on me how high it was as I was climbing up the thing. You don’t realize how high it actually is until you start to go up. I queued about 30 minutes in the heat to go on in and in the line were a few people chickening out. I thought to myself – If I do that I will regret it forever so I stayed in line. In no time at all it was my turn and as you get to the edge you can’t even see where the slide goes. I slowly began to sit down, laid back and crossed my arms. It was now or never.

This thing really is fast, the ride is over in a few seconds and as I went down it, I did feel myself lift off of the side a bit. All you can feel is water being thrown in your face and in no time at all I was at the bottom. It was over in seconds. Would I ride it again, absolutely. A word of warning for the ladies, if riding the high speed slides at Blizzard Beach, make sure you wear a one piece cossie, don’t wear a bikini. As I watched other people coming down it I noticed one woman’s bikini top had actually come off, fortunately she had managed not to lose it. The speed of the thing will literally take it off. Disney do warn about this on their faster slides.


Coming off Summit Plummet

The second best thing to Summit Plummet is the Slush Gusher which is right next to it. You can also ride the chair lift to get on this one. It’s not as tall as the other one and is around 27m high. You can get some proper air time on this one and you still reach a good speed of 56km/h.

Slush Gusher

There are more gentler slides around the park for those who don’t like the sound of Summit Plummet or the Slush Gusher. The most relaxing ride has to be Cross Country Creek which is a lazy river that takes you around the park. This really is lovely going around, sitting back on your inner tube and letting the current take you around. It’s so relaxing you can fall asleep. Beware of the ice hut somewhere along the creek, inside is the Ice Gator who seems to have a cold. He randomly sneezes and shoots out ice water at you.

Just before you get into ice cave you will actually see a panic in the water. People literally start going nuts and jump out of the water to avoid the cave. If you happen to go through it, you will get drenched in actual ice water, which is absolutely freezing.

Ice Gator


Around the park are Disney’s Photo Pass photographers. They are found in all different locations and can even be found in the water too. They took my photo in the lazy river which was great as I didn’t take my camera in with me as it wasn’t waterproof. If you love meeting characters, they had Goofy dressed in his water park clothing.


Other slides I really enjoyed was Toboggan Racers which is an 8 lane water slide where you race others on a mat down the hill. Snow Stormers is another similar mat slide ride where you go down the hill through ski type slalom gates.

There are also quite a few places to eat and drink around the park along with a gift shop selling merchandise. Locker, towel and lifejacket rental is also available in the park, along with changing rooms and showers.

I really enjoyed Blizzard Beach and I have been here a few times. I definitely like it better than Typhoon Lagoon as the theming and rides are much better. I had a 14 day ticket to Disney World and the water parks were included with it. Although you can buy one time entry if you don’t have a ticket like I did. It’s open from 10am – 5pm.

Disney’s Blizzard Beach

1534 Blizzard Beach Drive

Lake Buena Vista, Florida




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