Minion Mayhem

I just love the whole Despicable Me series of movies. The Minions are really fun and the storyline of both movies is just amazing. Although I do think Despicable Me 2 is the best. I’ve also seen the latest movie that got released – Minions, which explains how they met Gru.

At Universal Orlando you can meet the Minions and other characters from the movie too. There is also a really popular ride there which I highly recommend called Despicable Me Minion Mayhem. It’s located in Universal Studios and is not far from the park entrance. The ride is superb and no surprise it gets really long wait times later on in the day. If you don’t have a Universal Express pass to jump the regular queue, I recommend going on it not long after park opening. Unless you fancy waiting over an hour in line.



The ride is basically one of those simulator ones in 3D. The ride begins in Gru’s house where you get recruited by him to become a Minion. That’s right, you actually get changed into a Minion. The ride is definately a must do and is just fantastic. You have to ride it to know what I am talking about. Once you are changed back into your normal self, you of course exit through the gift shop where you can find all sorts of different Despicable Me merchandise from clothing to plush toys.


Just after you exit the ride, is a room before the shop where different Minions come out. You can line up to get your photo taken with them, and at different times, different Minions come out. You don’t actually have to go on the ride to get a photo, you can just walk in through the shop if you want to meet the Minions.

Minion Tim and Minion Tom
Minion Stuart

I was in the park one morning when in front of Despicable Me Minion Mayhem, was a mini show. All these Minions came out with Gru and did this sort of dance. Edith, Margo, Agnes and Vector were there too. After the performance you could have your photo taken with them all.



Margo, Agnes and Edith

If you love Despicable Me and Minions you will love the character meets and the ride that they have at Universal. They also have this ride over at Universal Hollywood too. Over there they have the purple Minions walking around (my favorite) from Despicable Me 2.

If you are going to Universal, I highly recommend this ride as it is amazing.


24 thoughts on “Minion Mayhem

  1. Looks fantastic. I adore the minions. I’ve watched all the films. We put minions on for 10 mins while we were waiting for something else to come on, background noise and ended up watching the full film and I watched DM1&2 over Christmas.

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  2. This looks life a lot of fun. I would love the jobs of the ‘minions’ on serious note, this looks like so much fun. I’m a big fan of despicable me, although, like you, the second didn’t do it for me, but looking forward to watching the new release!

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  3. I really love Despicable Me and the Minions but I wasn’t that impressed with this ride, I think it’s because it had the longest que in the parks when I was there and just didn’t live up to the suspense! xo


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