Greetings From Springfield

One of my favorite areas in Universal Studios in Orlando is Springfield. As many of you probably know, Springfield is home to one of TV’s most famous families – The Simpsons. I’ve been a fan of the show since I was a kid growing up in the 90s and it felt fantastic to walk around Springfield. Universal have done a fantastic job with the theming.


Springfield is home to two really fun rides – The Simpsons Ride and Kang And Kodos Twirl N Hurl. The Simpsons Ride is very popular and is a simulator ride with a really awesome storyline to it. Krusty now has his own theme park and wants you to ride his new ride, only Sideshow Bob wants to kill you and The Simpsons. You have to ride it to experience it, as it is extremely fun. Wait times can get quite long for it, so unless you have a Universal Express pass to jump the regular line, I recommend going to this when the park opens.

The other ride is called Kang And Kodos Twirl N Hurl and features our favorite aliens often seen on The Simpsons Halloween Specials Treehouse Of Horror. You get in a spaceship and move the lever up and down to hit the targets that are all around the ride. This one is very fun and highly recommended.



No visit to Springfield would be complete without meeting The Simpsons themselves. They come out at different times, sometimes all of them together and at other times just one or two of them. The only one of the family that doesn’t appear is Maggie. I also got to meet Krusty The Clown and Sideshow Bob later on in the day.



If you get hungry there are plenty of places to grab something to eat. Springfield has a really awesome food court and even features some restaurants seen on the TV show. In the food court you can choose from Lisa’s Teahouse Of Horror (salads), Luigi’s (pizza), Cletus Chicken Shack (chicken), The Frying Dutchman (fish), Krusty Burger (burgers) and Flaming Moes (drinks). There was a good choice of food on offer and the best thing about it is if you are in a group and you all fancy something different to eat, you can all sit together. Only three of these restaurants feature on the TV show – Krusty Burger, Luigi’s and The Frying Dutchman. The rest are just created for the park.

The food court also features Moe’s which is a separate bar, but still part of the seating area. It looks just like Moe’s from the TV show and you can grab yourself a Duff here. That’s right, you can actually buy Duff beer. It comes in regular, lite or dry. If you watch the show you may remember that drink that Moe stole from Homer – The Flaming Moe. It’s available here and is a non alcoholic orange flavored drink that features dry ice to give it that flaming effect.

I really like how Universal offer themed drinks. In The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter you can buy Butterbeer. At Springfield, not only can you buy Duff and a Flaming Moe, but you can also get Buzz Cola and Squishee.




Outside are other places to eat and drink. There was Bumblebee Man’s Tacos, Lard Lad Donuts and The Duff Beer Garden.

Don’t forget to grab all your Springfield souvenirs at the Kwik E Mart.



I  really enjoyed my visit to Springfield. As I was at Universal for over a week I went there a few times. This is a must do for any Simpsons fan.


29 thoughts on “Greetings From Springfield

  1. Omg!! This is so freakin cool I am sure my dad would love to go here with me we are huge simpsons fan. I actually think my dad look abit like homer with his beer belly and bold. I had no idea a place like this even excisted, this is so cool! 🙂


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