Hard Rock Cafe Orlando

I’m a really big fan of Hard Rock Cafe. If I visit somewhere and there is a Hard Rock I have to go in there. The choice of food and drink is fantastic and it always tastes good too. I’ve also stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel in Orlando which was simply amazing.

When I was in Orlando in October I went to the Hard Rock Cafe quite a few times for something to eat. The Hard Rock Cafe in Orlando is located at Universal and is the world’s biggest Hard Rock.



This Hard Rock not only has a Rock Shop and the most pieces of memorabilia than any other location, but also has Hard Rock Live which can host 3000 people. This is also the second Hard Rock at Orlando. The original cafe opened in 1990 and was shaped like a guitar. It was located not far from where the Hard Rock Hotel is now and had an entrance in Universal Studios too. Now long gone and demolished, the entrance was not far from Woody Woodpecker’s Roller Coaster and the abandoned ruins of it could be seen in the park for years. I think it got demolished sometime around 2011. I don’t remember the original cafe but if you google it you can definitely see quite a few photos of it. I think it looked really awesome that from the air it was shaped like a guitar.

I ate here a few times and getting a table even later on in the evening wasn’t difficult as I was staying onsite at Universal. If you stay at one of their hotels you can get priority seating at different restaurants. The only exception seems to be Bubba Gump Shrimp Co, which has a different priority seating programme.


As in all Hard Rocks, the menu is fantastic and offers something for everyone. I was able to enjoy a few different meals from the menu, and every time I ate here I ordered something different. If you love cocktails you will be spoilt for choice here.

I highly recommend the BBQ chicken. The sauce they cook it in is some of the best BBQ sauce I have had. The wings tasted awesome too.

Electric Blues
Chicken Wings and Chicken Tenders
BBQ Pulled Chicken Burger With Beans and Fries
BBQ Chicken with Fries and Beans
Chicken Tenders and Fries

It’s always really fun to check out the memorabilia that every Hard Rock has. Every single one is different and you never know what you will find.






You can check out the cafe here. It is open every day from 8.30am to 12.00am. Reservations can also be made online.


31 thoughts on “Hard Rock Cafe Orlando

  1. Just found your blog. Big fan of Hard Rock cafes as well (especially one in Vegas.). Great photos!

    May seem random but seeing the pic of Madonna’s dress reminded me of another one of her dresses that was auctioned for $80,000 at a recent benefit. Doubt I could get $80 for my best hoodie… guess bloggers r in the wrong business if money is the bottom line right?


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  2. I love the London one! Yet to go to the Orlando one (it was closed when I went D:) I also love Planet Hollywood, which is amazing. I’ve been to the Orlando, Paris and London ones but Orlando is my fave.


  3. Orlando itself is lovely so I can imagine the Hard Rock hotel must have been fantastic. I must try ad visit the Hard Rock cafe in London as I am sure there is one there and see what the food is like for myself.


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