Lunch At T Rex, Disney Springs

So back in October I had a walk around Disney Springs in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Disney have recently made big changes to Disney Springs, including more shops and restaurants. If you are familiar with Disney World you will know that this area used to be called Downtown Disney.

There are many great places to eat there and one of my favorites has to be T Rex. It’s very similar to Rainforest Cafe, only the theme is dinosaurs. In fact it’s from the same people as Rainforest Cafe. So one day I decided to go here for lunch, I didn’t have a reservation as the restaurant hadn’t long opened. If you go here later on for dinner I do recommend booking a table as wait times can be long.


If you have been to Rainforest Cafe you will find the style of this restaurant very similar. Instead of animals like elephants and gorillas you will find prehistoric animals like dinosaurs and wooly mammoths. And as it rains every so often at the Rainforest Cafe, T Rex instead has a meteor shower, which is definitely worth watching.





This is one of my favorite places to eat at Disney Springs as the theme is fantastic and there is a good choice of food too. The menu is so good it can be hard deciding what to eat. Plus the meal sizes are nice and big. It can be hard leaving room for dessert.



To drink I ordered myself a Shark Water. This is a really refreshing non alcoholic drink that tastes awesome. Just what you need on a hot day. It’s basically Sprite with blue coconut syrup.


After having a good look through the menu I decided to order the Fish N Chips. It was very tasty and I can definitely say tasted a lot better than fish and chips you get back here. I’ve never been that fussed on chips you get from a chippy, every single chip shop seem to do the same sort of chips. With the meal I got at T Rex, were a couple of pieces of fish in this really nice southern fried style batter. The waffle fries it came with were very good and tasted excellent. I definitely recommend anyone order the Fish N Chips at T Rex. The meal was quite big, and I did manage to finish it all too. I didn’t leave any room for dessert although the Chocolate Extinction (this huge dessert) looked very tempting.


T Rex not only has it’s own gift shop but also Build A Dino. This is from the same people as Build A Bear Workshop, but instead of bears you can build your own dinosaur. They also sell a full range of clothes and accessories just like Build A Bear Workshop.



T Rex is a great place to eat for the whole family. Kids are well looked after too with a kids menu full of things they will enjoy. If you are on the Regular and Deluxe Disney Dining Plan (not quick service), this is accepted here too.Β It’s open from 11am every day.

You can check out T Rex here


22 thoughts on “Lunch At T Rex, Disney Springs

  1. I’ve not been to the T-Rex Restaurant, although I went to the Rainforest Cafe at Disney Springs on my holiday in August and loved it there! The theme was amazing and I couldn’t believe how big the portion sizes were. I was a little bit gutted I was too full for dessert. x


    1. Yeah kids love it. They even do a separate kids menu too. I noticed the staff bringing out some of the kids meals too. One of the things on the menu were these things that looked a lot like Bernard Matthews Turkey Dinosaurs x


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