From Kings Cross To Hogsmeade

If you’ve been reading my last few posts you will know that in October I went to the Wizarding World Of Harry Potter in Universal Orlando. Both parks there – Islands Of Adventure and Universal Studios have Harry Potter in them. There is also a bonus too. You can also ride the Hogwarts Express to travel between the two parks. How awesome is that.

You can travel between Kings Cross Station in Universal Studios to Hogsmeade in Islands Of Adventure. To ride on the Hogwarts Express you must have a ticket with park to park access.


Universal have done a really realistic job of creating Kings Cross and the area around it. It really does look like London. Before you get into the station you can find the Knight Bus and also Grimmauld Place. As I walked up to the houses on the street, I noticed Kreacher the house elf looking out of the window. He did this about every thirty seconds.

Standing by the Knight Bus was the conductor and also the talking shrunken head. I had my photo taken next to them and it was very interactive. In Hogwarts I was sorted into Slytherin and was wearing my robes around the park. If you are wearing anything Harry Potter related, especially Hogwarts house clothing, they will definately comment on it. I thought it was very fun and entertaining.




After a short walk around London it was time to get the Hogwarts Express to Hogsmeade. At really busy times the wait can be around half an hour. I only waited around 10 minutes to get on. Most of the waiting in line is when you first enter the station, due to your ticket being scanned.

The station is really reminiscent of train stations here in the UK, with there being an actual departure board, adverts around the station and someone making an announcement on the loud speaker about different train times. The journey to platform 9 and 3 quarters just got even better when I saw you were actually able to walk through the wall between platforms 9 and 10.


Once I had walked through the wall and gotten onto platform 9 and 3 quarters I noticed there was a large amount of luggage waiting to be loaded onto the train along with an Owl that looked a lot like Hedwig. The Hogwarts Express was also waiting for everyone to get onboard. I got really excited when I saw it, it’s like just being in Harry Potter.





The porters on the platform lead you onto separate compartments on the train. It looks exactly like on the movie and once I was settled, I noticed how comfortable it was. It was comfy I didn’t want to get up. As soon as the train starts moving a movie starts to play on the windows. It’s a short Harry Potter movie created especially for the journey and you see all sorts of interesting things like the Knight Bus, Malfoy Manor and Hogwarts.

I heard all sorts of people walking about in the corridor outside my compartment. Ron, Harry and Hermione walked by, along with the Trolley Witch selling Bertie Botts Beans and Chocolate Frogs. Anything from the trolley dears.

Soon the train had arrived at Hogsmeade and it was time to go to Hogwarts. You can also make the return journey back to Kings Cross where a slightly different movie plays.



The Hogwarts Express is a great way of traveling between park to park. You can walk of course, but I do think that traveling by train is even better. A trip to the Wizarding World Of Harry Potter is a must for any Potter fan.


20 thoughts on “From Kings Cross To Hogsmeade

  1. This looks amazing, I’ve always wanted to go to the Harry Potter studios! It’s great to see there is so much attention to detail too! I’m hoping to plan a trip there sometime soon! 🙂


  2. Omgh what an amazing experience I am so jealous! I went to the Warner Bro studios near London, I bought a ticket for the hogwartz express in the shop in kings cross and wore it on the train all the way to Watford pretending it was the Hogwatz express


  3. This looks and sounds amazing! I want to visit the one in Florida or LA. My friend just went there and he’s bringing me a box of the Chocolate Frogs home for me because they were my childhood when they were sold here amid the first few film releases.


    1. The chocolate frogs there are really overpriced. I went to a store on International Drive and they were selling frogs in different packaging for half the price. They came with a wizard card too


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