Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party 2016

As you’ve probably guessed Halloween is really big in America. Back in October I went to Florida for two weeks. As it was October, many of the theme parks there offer different Halloween events as well as decorating the parks for the occasion. One of these events is at Disney’s Magic Kingdom and is called Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.

This is a really popular event and has been running for several years now. It’s a separate ticked event and runs from September right up until Halloween. The party features a Halloween parade, meet and greet with different characters (many dressed in Halloween costumes), trick or treating plus much more. Another bonus, everyone is free to wear a costume. Adults included. This is great because Halloween is about the only time of year where Disney allows adults to wear a costume. Any other time of the year, only kids can wear costumes.


I went to the party back in 2015 too and had a really good time. So when I went to Florida in 2016, I decided to go again. This is a separate ticked event, so if you have your tickets for Magic Kingdom and want to go to the Halloween party, you will need to buy a separate ticket. Prices vary by date and last year they went on sale in May. Buying in advance is highly recommended as dates can sell out. Adult tickets can vary from $72 to $95. Child tickets are slightly cheaper at $67 to $90. Buying in advance rather on the day is a bit cheaper too.

The party officially starts at 7pm but you will see people coming into the park in costume a lot earlier in the day. Party goers are given a wrist band in exchange for your ticket. This is how Disney finds out the actual party goers from people who are just still in the park from earlier on. If they see you don’t have a wristband after 7 they will politely ask you to leave.

I think it’s great that Disney allows everyone to wear a costume. Last year I went to the party as Cruella De Vil. This year I went as Buzz Lightyear.


Loads of exciting things happen in the party. In 2016 there was trick or treating. This was there in 2015 too and at all different places around the park are trick or treating stations. You just get a bag and just load it up with candy. Who would have thought collecting all this sugary goodness would be so much fun.


There was also a themed Halloween parade at the party, showing at 8.30 and 11.15pm. It was called The Boo To You Halloween Parade. I never got to see this as I was really busy getting in line for character meet and greets. The parade sounded good as it featured themed Halloween characters including the headless horseman. There was also a Hocus Pocus show at Cinderella Castle at different times too.

My favorite part of the party had to be character meet and greets. You can meet different characters in the day at Magic Kingdom, but the great thing about the party is you can meet hard to find characters that don’t normally come out in the day, just at these special events. As they are hard to find, the wait times for them can be quite long. Hard to find characters available this year were – Jafar, Abu, Tarzan, Jane, Terk, Captain Jack Sparrow, Jack Skellington and Sally, Queen Of Hearts, Seven Dwarfs, Cruella De Vil and Lotso Huggin Bear. When I say some of these lines can be really long, they really are. The Seven Dwarfs and Jack and Sally were some of the longest lines. If meeting these characters is a must then you really need to start queuing just after 5.30 – 6. Many websites about the party say the same sort of advice.

You can also meet more common Disney characters such as Tinkerbell, Mickey Mouse, Buzz Lightyear, Goofy, Donald and Daisy. Some of them wear Halloween costumes whilst others don’t. In Magic Kingdom in the day Mickey was meeting in his regular costume, while at the same location in the party he had a Halloween costume on. Another bonus to meeting Mickey in Magic Kingdom (day or party) is that he now talks. Yep, that’s right. They actually have a talking Mickey Mouse who will fully interact with you and have a conversation. I just think that’s amazing, the technology is fantastic.

At Tomorrowland, they had a Monsters Inc Dance Party featuring not only Mike and Sulley but harder to find characters such as George Sanderson and Needleman. These characters didn’t pose for meet and greets, but if you were lucky enough you could quickly do a selfie with them. This is easier said than done as they tend to move right away so you had to have your camera out ready and just take it as soon as they came by.

Buzz and Buzz
Cruella De Vil
Mickey Mouse
Seven Dwarfs

If you are like me and love to shop, then the party also offers limited edition merchandise that can only be bought at the party. There were t shirts, magic bands and pins available. Another great thing about the party is the rides can have shorter wait times too. Fastpasses are not available at the party, but I’m not sure you will need them anyway because the waits are shorter.

I also managed to watch the Hallowishes Fireworks which is a themed display for the party. I really enjoyed this event. Like last year it was fantastic and I definitely recommend it for anyone visiting Disney and Orlando in October.

You can ready more about the party at the official Disney World website


26 thoughts on “Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party 2016

  1. I love how much the Americans get into Halloween with the amazing costumes and this party looks fantastic for families, especially those with young children – a little pricey but I am sure it was well worth it.

    Laura x


  2. wow..this is definitely an eye opener as i was not aware that Disney held a separate Halloween party. Will definitely look into it as my kids would love to meet some of the ‘hard to find’ characters


  3. Buzz lightyear is my favourite, not sure how I would have dressed up if I ever went. Sounds like a really nice event, if I am ever in Florida around that time, I will definitely check it out


  4. Aww it sounds fantastic. I always imagine Disneyland takes occasions like this very seriously! It looks a lot of fun! Although that Hocus Pocus show! NO THANK YOU! The film terrifies me! 🙂


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