The Harry Potter Shop At Platform 9 And 3 Quarters

You could say that I’m a very big Harry Potter fan. I’ve read the books and seen the movies many times. I’ve been to the Studio tour and also visited the Wizarding World Of Harry Potter in Universal. So it only made sense that I pay a visit to the Harry Potter Shop At Platform 9 And 3 Quarters.

Yes, you read correctly. There is actually a Harry Potter shop at Platform 9 And 3 Quarters in Kings Cross station in London. Potter fans will be very familiar with the famous platform that takes students to Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry.


I had been wanting to visit this store for quite a while, but had only just recently gotten round to going there. I took the tube to Kings Cross and made my way into the actual train station. The shop is located in Kings Cross Station, not St Pancras.

The store wasn’t hard to find. If you walk around the station you will find it. As I made my way to the shop I noticed quite a large group of people hanging around nearby. They were all queuing up for something quite amazing. I will tell you about this later.

This shop really is heaven for us Potter fans. They have all different sorts of merchandise from clothes, books, stationery, wands to candy. Plus if you have been sorted into your house at Hogwarts you can find all your house merchandise here.

I like how they have clothing for all four houses at Hogwarts and not just Gryffindor. Primark is a store over here that does a lot of Harry Potter clothing. Sadly they seem to think that there is only one house at Hogwarts – Gryffindor. Primark also seem to think that people only want Gryffindor, when in fact there are quite a lot of Slytherins, Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws about. Primark stop neglecting us.

Fortunately the shop at Kings Cross is more in reality with the Potter universe than Primark is or ever will be. I’m a Slytherin and I took away with me, some house goodies. My favorite item in the store was the Slytherin Quidditch jumper. I didn’t get one, but I do fancy getting one if I go to the store again.







I bought a headband, hair bow, earrings and a really nice pair of gloves. All in Slytherin colors.


So you’re probably wondering what on earth that big crowd of people were doing outside the shop. As the shop is located on Platform 9 and 3 Quarters, you can actually have your photo taken next to the trolley as you get onto the platform. I queued up for about 45 minutes to get a photo and they have a professional photographer there who will take your picture as you hold onto the trolley. A wand and scarf in your house colors are provided for the photo.


The photo I had taken looked great. There is no obligation to buy and you are free to take your own pictures too. Sadly Platform 9 and 3 Quarters doesn’t actually exist but the photo of the trolley going through the wall really does make it look realistic.



18 thoughts on “The Harry Potter Shop At Platform 9 And 3 Quarters

  1. I’m a HUGE Harry Potter fan as well and I’ve been everywhere aside from Orlando because that’s just completely out of our budget unfortunately. I agree that Primark have a limited selection and let’s be honest, we want the ‘proper’ stuff anyway don’t we? 😉 I love the photo at the end, looks like you had an awesome time and it’s a great little shop if you don’t have the time to go to the Studio Tour etc.

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