My Trip To New York Day 2, Part 2

So here is the second part of day two in New York. This is all about what I got up to later on in the day of my second day.

So after having a bit of a rest back at the hotel, it was time to go back out and explore more of the city. I was quite hungry too so I was looking forward to having something to eat. Getting back onto the Subway I decided to head to Midtown to do a bit of shopping before dinner. I quite fancied going to Macy’s and having a look in there so I got off the Subway at 34th Street Herald Square, which is just the stop you need to get off at if you want to shop at Macy’s. The Subway is located right by there, so not a lot of walking is needed.

Macy’s is described at the world’s largest store and it’s not hard to see why. You can literally spend hours in this store and I guess you could get lost too.



Around Herald Square there are plenty of stores to browse. My favorite shop in New York has to be Sephora (perfect for the makeup addict like me). There was one in this area as well as Times Square and loads of other locations in Manhattan.

For dinner I walked down to Times Square. There are literally loads of places to eat in Manhattan and around Times Square you are spoiled for choice. I really liked the sound of Señor Frogs, which is a Mexican themed bar and grill. Described as the ‘infamous party scene,’ they have loads of locations around Mexico, the Caribbean and USA.

It was really easy to get a table in here and there was actually no wait to go in. The restaurant and bar is actually located downstairs and is quite big. If you love your cocktails and Mexican food, then you will love Señor Frogs. It is quite loud too and has a sort of party atmosphere to it. If a quiet, sit down meal is more your scene, don’t go to Señor Frogs. I’m a really fun, laid back person, so for me this place was perfect.

Going through the menu and deciding on what to drink, I couldn’t resist ordering a Margarita in a yard glass. This thing is huge and it can actually be refilled for a cheaper price too. The best thing is you get to keep the glass and take it home with you.



I was given a flyer before I came in which actually gave me free cheese nachos. I ordered this as an appetizer. Hey, who doesn’t love free food, especially if it tastes so good. The cheese nachos here tasted awesome and were probably the best ones I have had in a restaurant. Many places make them way too cheesy, but these ones were just right.


As an entree I ordered the BBQ Combo which is basically chicken wings, ribs, grilled shrimp, corn on the cob and wedges. I love anything BBQ and this tasted amazing. I managed to eat it all too.


Like I said this place is an extremely fun place to be and they have someone coming around making balloon hats for you to wear. They make the hats really big and crazy. The bigger the better. If souvenir photos are your thing too, you can even have your photo taken.


After I settled the check I decided to go to the bar and order some more cocktails. You are really spoilt for choice here and you could spend all night trying every drink on the menu.


Times Square at night really is the time to see it as it looks so much better at night with all of the lights. I wasn’t planning on staying out really late as I had to be up really early the next day.



So here is the last part of day 2. I’m going to be doing a post on day 3 really soon.


24 thoughts on “My Trip To New York Day 2, Part 2

  1. New York has always been on the list of places I want to travel. I have a Macy’s bag that my old boss got for me from his trip there. I was gutted when it broke on the weekend! I figure that’s a good enough reason to book a trip and replace it right?

    It looks like you have had a really fabulous time!

    Laura x x x


  2. Sephora is one of my favourite stores too! I hate that we don’t have one in the UK. Looks like you had a great time 🙂


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