My Trip To New York Day 2, Part 1

So if you read my last post you will see that I’m currently writing about my 4 day trip to New York I went on last month. I saw loads of things, so I’m going to be splitting the posts into two parts. So here is day 2 part 1.

On the second day I ended up getting up really early. The time difference of flying east to west usually means that I end up getting up early the next day. This is great because I felt really refreshed for the day ahead, so I could have a full day of sightseeing.

So after getting myself ready I decided to go and grab some breakfast. The hotel offered breakfast in the morning but I always find that when on vacation I prefer to eat out and check out all of the local restaurants. In New York you are spoiled for choice with food and as I am not a big eater in the morning, I quite fancied something small. Which is where Dunkin Donuts comes in.

Over the years I’ve been to many Dunkin Donuts. They have a fantastic range of donuts and other breakfast items along with a good selection of hot and cold drinks. They even have Baskin Robbins in the same store, which is perfect if you prefer something more sweeter for breakfast. I settled on two glazed donuts and a large Blue Raspberry Coolatta (which was basically a blue slush). Great for the hot weather.


After a nice light breakfast, it was time to check out the city. The Subway is located on the same street as the hotel, so it was very handy for getting around. To some, the Subway can be confusing at first, but when you know how to use it, it really is easy.

For sightseeing around the city, you can’t beat an open top bus. Many places have these now and you can just hop on hop off wherever you like. There are many different tour operators about offering a similar product, although the one I liked the look of and seemed the best value was by Gray Line Sightseeing. They had a ticket called the All Around Town 48 Hour Tour. It was $64.00 per person and for that you get 4 different bus routes (Uptown, Downtown, Bronx and Brooklyn) along with a night bus tour and ferry cruise. Trust me you will need the 48 hours to do all of the tours. I tried doing all 4 tours in one day and it just didn’t happen.

The Downtown and Uptown tours all start around Times Square, although you can join the buses anywhere along the route. The only reason I started at Times Square was because that is where I bought my ticket.

After a short wait for the bus I decided to do the Uptown Tour. This is the tour that takes you past Central Park, Museum Mile and also into Harlem too.


Lincoln Center
Central Park 
American Museum Of Natural History
Cathedral Of St John The Divine
Riverside Park

Halfway through the Uptown tour there was a stop near Riverside Park to get off at, if you wanted to go on The Bronx tour. It was included in my ticket and I quite fancied going on the tour too. The Uptown tour The Bronx tour both went through Harlem, before continuing onto The Bronx.




Bronx County Courthouse
Yankee Stadium

The Bronx is also home to Yankee Stadium. The bus made a short 10 minute photo stop so we could all take photos.


The Bronx tour is definitely a must and if you get the 48 ticket like I did, I highly recommend it.

After rejoining the Uptown Tour, the bus went back through Harlem and then down to Central Park. There are museums located on either side of Central Park including the Metropolitan Museum Of Art and The Guggenheim Museum. The tour then finished back near Times Square.

The Metropolitan Museum Of Art
Guggenheim Museum
Carnegie Hall

I could have gone onto the Downtown tour from here, but it was getting into the evening and I did fancy a bit of shopping before going back to the hotel for a rest, before going out again later on.

Loading up my trolley

So that was part 1 of my second day in New York. I’m going to be continuing day 2 in another post and telling you all about what I got up to later on in the day.


57 thoughts on “My Trip To New York Day 2, Part 1

  1. What a fantastic day in New York, I’ve always wanted to visit but I’ll get round to it eventually. I think bus tours are a great way to see the most of a city, you can just sit back and enjoy!


  2. I went last year for work so only had the weekend to check out NYC and I loved it, though I didnt have it for breakfast I had to try dunkin donuts whilst there too.
    Sounds like you had a lovley trip


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