An afternoon at Barker Tea House

I’m a big fan of afternoon tea and tea in general. I’m really not getting the whole coffee thing. I think it’s highly overrated and much prefer a good cup of tea. Wherever you turn these days, you are bound to see a Starbucks or Costa. In fact if I had a pound for every coffee shop I was to see day to day, I would be super rich.

The perfect antidote to Starbucks has to be a good old tea room. I’m seeing more of these lately and here in Cardiff we have a fantastic place that offers tea along with a traditional afternoon tea with cakes and sandwiches. I’ve read many great reviews about the Barker Tea House which you can find in the High Street Arcade. It’s owned by the same people as Barker Coffee in nearby Castle Arcade.


It’s got a really nice homely feel to it and as soon as you walk in you will find a fantastic selection of teas, along with a full range of freshly baked cakes. A full afternoon tea is available, although they do offer a smaller luxury cream tea with just scones and brownies. I wasn’t feeling like I could eat a whole tea, so I went for the luxury cream tea instead.


The cakes do look very tempting and if I wasn’t going for the cream tea, I would definitely have a slice or two of some of the ones on offer. I did see that they had a Parma Violet cake which looked quite interesting. I’m not really a fan of Parma Violets and they do sort of have an acquired taste. That Victoria Sponge did look very good.

Victoria Sponge
Parma Violet Cake

The cream tea does come with a pot of tea to drink. There were many teas on offer and you can be spoilt for choice. I decided to get the Earl Grey.



I really like the vintage feel this place has. From the tea cups to the decor, this place does have that really nice traditional feel to it. The scones were nice and warm and I definitely recommend the brownies. I’m not a brownie person, but these ones were very good and I enjoyed eating them. Many brownies can be too rich, but these ones were nice and light.

Another bonus is that plain and fruit scones were on offer. I’m not a fan of the scones with raisins in and much prefer the plain ones. When I was ordering my tea I asked if I could just have plain ones and that was no problem.

It really is surprising how filling the tea was. Both the scones and brownies were extremely filling and I was struggling to finish my last bit of scone. I don’t think I would have been able to finish a full tea.

Pinkies Out

I mentioned the decor before and really love the old world feel it has. Having a cup of tea in here in extremely relaxing and you wouldn’t think that you were in the middle of Cardiff. The seats are very comfy and it’s just the sort of place to chill out in.


I really enjoyed my tea at Barker Tea House. I definitely recommend it and if you are feeling like treating yourself why not go for the full afternoon tea. It’s also a great place to go if you just want a cuppa.


6 thoughts on “An afternoon at Barker Tea House

  1. I only came across Barker’s tea room in the last couple of months, but it looks gorgeous. I really want to go here! It’s my mission to have afternoon tea in every major city around the world and Barker’s is on my list!


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