The Grazing Shed Cardiff

It’s time for another restaurant review. One of the great things about traveling is eating out and trying all different restaurants. Today I’m going to tell you all about this amazing burger joint here in Cardiff.

It’s called The Grazing Shed and does a good range of different burgers. I went to their restaurant on St Mary’s Street which is the newest of their restaurants. They have a smaller location over on Barrack Lane and If you love your burgers, The Grazing Shed is just up your street.

Described as being ‘Super Tidy Burgers,’ they are made using only the finest ingredients. The bread is baked daily by a local baker and all of the sauces are home made. All food is cooked to order and served within minutes to allow for a rapid dining experience.


Seating is bench style and has a really rustic feel to it. There is plenty of seating inside, although if you sit on one of the longer benches, be prepared to share your seating. I don’t have a problem with other people on a table, although if there is just two of you or you don’t want to share, there are smaller tables available. I’ve eaten at their Barrack Lane location and think the seating is much better in this one as there is more of it.

This is one of those restaurants where you pay when ordering. Gourmet Burger Kitchen has a similar system and I sort of prefer it. Paying first means no waiting around for a server to bring the check and you can leave whenever you are ready.

There are many burgers to choose from on the menu and there really is something for everyone. Gourmet style burgers with all sorts of weird and wonderful fillings are available or if like me you just like a regular burger, you will be well catered for. Another bonus of this location is that they have a vegan option as well as a veggie one. The vegan burger isn’t available at Barrack Lane. I’m not a vegan but I think it’s really good that they have a burger on the menu. Many places will offer a veggie burger but not a vegan one.

When it comes to ordering your meal you can order just the burger or you can have a meal that includes fries and a drink. I ordered the Super Tidy Chicken Burger Meal. The burger on it’s own was £7.50, but you can make it a meal for £3 extra.

You won’t find any Coca Cola or Pepsi brands here. The Grazing Shed have their own selection of soda called Super Tidy Soda that you fill up yourself. Refills are free too. I’m not a fan of the UK versions of Fanta and Sprite as they are just filled with nasty tasting sweeteners like Aspartame and Stevia. The Super Tidy Soda’s have plenty of flavor to them and leave you nice and refreshed. My favorite was the Cherry Bakewell which is a sort of cherry coke.



Also new for this year is breakfast. If you come early enough in the day there are plenty of breakfast items to order. I’ve never been here for breakfast but they do seem to do a good choice of food. I like how the menu is on a milk carton too.


Service is fairly quick. I wasn’t waiting more than ten minutes for my food. Be sure to hold on to your receipt as they will call your number and bring your meal to your table.

Presentation is spot on too, instead of just chucking your food in a bag, your meal is served in a basket which I think looks pretty cool. The burgers normally come with salad in them, but as I dislike salad I ordered mine plain with just BBQ sauce. My burger was very tasty and had plenty of flavor to it.

One thing the Grazing Shed isn’t is stingy. You get loads of sauce in the burger and lots of chicken too. It can get quite messy trying to eat and the napkins on the table are definitely necessary. I don’t think it’s accurate to describe them as being Super Tidy Burgers, they are more like Super Messy Burgers. The fries tasted awesome too and were nice and golden.

I’ve eaten here before and as usual I came out feeling very full. The food here is fantastic and I definitely recommend a visit. It’s not hard to see why it has been voted Number One Burger Joint in Wales.


4 thoughts on “The Grazing Shed Cardiff

  1. Sounds like a cut above the usual burger joint. I love the idea of having a menu in the shape of a milk carton. So creative. Tx


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