Lunch at TGI Friday’s Cardiff St David’s

These past few years Cardiff has seen a fantastic increase in the amount of new restaurants appearing. St David’s which is located right in the middle of the city center has an excellent choice of restaurants, one of my favorites being TGI Friday’s. TGI’s also have a restaurant down Newport Road in Cardiff, although the one in St David’s is more centrally located.

I always enjoy a meal in this restaurant and there are many good things to choose from, lovers of American food will be in Heaven here. TGI’s is also a great place to hang out even if you are not ordering food as their cocktail menu is impressive, I could spend all day deciding on drinks alone!!

I settled with a Bubblegum Daiquiri and a Blue Raspberry Slush.


For food you can definitely be spoilt for choice. A good range of appetizers and entrees are available and in the week is a set menu too where you can order two courses for £15.99. It was Sunday, so unfortunately the menu was unavailable as you can only order off it Monday – Thursday. If you decided to eat here in the week I definitely recommend it.



I was feeling quite hungry so decided on an appetizer first. TGI’s do this really awesome Jack Daniel’s sauce which is extremely popular. It’s not hard to see why and once you try it theres no going back. It has quite a sweet taste to it and is one of my most favorite sauces ever. To start I ordered the Jack Daniel’s Chicken Wings.

The wings tasted fantastic and one thing TGI’s don’t do is be stingy with their sauce. Some restaurants you that do BBQ wings often come dry and a tiny bit of sauce. You do wonder what is the point. Not with TGI’s, the wings come cooked with a bit of sauce and you get plenty more to dip them in.


After I had finished my wings, my entree had arrived which was one of my favorites – Chicken Fingers with Fries. You also get BBQ sauce and Honey Mustard too. Although being a fan of extremely hot food I decided that I wanted to try the Scorpion Sauce which is apparently their hottest sauce ever. It even comes with a warning on the menu – ‘warning super spicy.’

I ordered a dip of Scorpion Sauce to go with my meal so i could dip my fries in to try it. It was a bit on the spicy side but I didn’t think it was scorching hot, like throat and mouth burn sort of heat. I could even eat it without having to have a drink. My Dad tried a bit of it and thought it was a bit too hot.

The chicken fingers were nice and crispy, just how they should be. There are plenty of them and you get a good amount of fries. It is quite a filling meal, especially if you have had an appetizer too. By the end of it I was quite full and left no room for dessert.


As usual I enjoyed my meal at TGI’s. Next time I do want to try the Scorpion Chicken Wings as I thought the sauce tasted good. It can get quite busy in this TGI’s, and on Saturday it can get quite hard to get a table. I went on a Sunday which is much more quieter.


6 thoughts on “Lunch at TGI Friday’s Cardiff St David’s

  1. I haven’t been to TGIs in years!! We use to go a lot as a kid and it was one of my most fave places until the last time I went! The food was really not on par from what I remembered however that was years ago now! I’ll need to try again especially after seeing those wings! Plus the scorpian sauce sounds amazing!! I’m a big fan of frankie and bennys for American dinner types, if you havenMt been there you must! And you have to go there at least once for breakfast!!

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  2. I LOVE TGIs, it’s always my first choice in restraunts! Try the June Bug cocktail if you ever get the chance it’s definitely one for those who have a sweet tooth 🙂 I like the sound of the bubble gum daiquiri.

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