Lunch at Hard Rock Cafe London

When visiting different places in the UK and abroad, eating out is a must. One of my favorite restaurants that can be found in many different countries is Hard Rock Cafe. I’ve been to many Hard Rocks over the years but never really managed to go to the one they have in London.

Here in Cardiff, we used to have a Hard Rock Cafe, which unfortunately closed a few years back. Now the nearest one is London. Located on Old Park Lane in London, this was the first ever Hard Rock opening back in 1971.


For those of you unfamiliar with Hard Rock Cafe, it’s a restaurant and bar serving American food complete with all sorts of music memorabilia on the walls from many different musicians. Every Hard Rock is unique as there is different memorabilia in every one. The London one has the extra bonus of having The Vault, but more on that later.

The London Hard Rock is quite small inside and has that really intimate feel once you are inside. Getting a table here can be quite difficult, especially later on in the day. Wait times can be quite long and I did try getting a table in here for dinner quite a few years ago to be told there was at least a 45 minute wait.

I went to London back in December and I was determined to get in. I thought it may be easier to try lunch not long after opening as there may be a lot less people. By 1pm there was quite a few people already and I was told I could come in right away if I didn’t mind sitting at the counter.

When it comes to seating i’m not very fussy, so the counter suited me just fine. In no time at all I was given a menu and was looking forward to ordering some food. The last Hard Rock I went to before this one was Orlando back in October. The menu was very much like the one in America and I didn’t really notice any differences.

While I was deciding what to eat, my server brought my drink I ordered which was called Electric Blues. I’m a big fan of cocktails and when it comes to drinks Hard Rock doesn’t disappoint. There is a fantastic range of cocktails and I usually have trouble deciding. The Electric Blues is basically Smirnoff Vodka, Bacardi Superior Rum, Beefeater Gin, Sweet And Sour and 7Up.

Electric Blues

For lunch I decided to make a meal out of an appetizer and a side. I ordered the Tupelo Chicken Tenders with a side of fries. It didn’t take long for my food to arrive and I was very much looking forward to tucking in. The food tasted really good and was full of flavor. Even though it was an appetizer and a side, it was very filling and you would think it was an entree on it’s own. Unfortunately I didn’t leave any room for dessert.I decided to ask for the check and check out the Rock Shop.



With the check, my server also gave me a ticket for The Vault. The Vault is basically this mini museum they have across the street in the downstairs of The Rock Shop. There was apparently even more memorabilia in there and my ticket allowed me entry to there.

Before leaving I decided to have a look at some of the memorabilia that was in the cafe…


…and in the Vault

The Vault had a great small selection of items including David Bowie’s guitar, Madonna’s outfit from her Blond Ambition Tour and John Lennon’s jacket. The Rock Shop is actually located across the street from the cafe in a separate building. The cafe is really small so i’m not surprised it’s in a different building.

I enjoyed my meal in Hard Rock London and if you are a Hard Rock fan like me a visit to any of their cafes is a must.


6 thoughts on “Lunch at Hard Rock Cafe London

  1. That cocktail looks lovely. Glad you had a good time. We recently went to the one in Surfer’s Paradise and really enjoyed it. I had a quinoa burger which I thought was quite unusual. I’ve never heard of one before x


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