Flying Business Class To Orlando

Back in October I went to Orlando, Florida for two weeks. I’ve been to Florida quite a few times and always enjoy it. Orlando is a really fun destination and what better way to get there than flying business class. Flying business is a must if being comfortable is a priority. It’s probably one of the best ways of flying.


I flew with British Airways in their Club World cabin, which is basically business class. First is the next cabin up with BA which is more plush. First isn’t offered on all routes, Orlando being one of them. I haven’t flown First before but I have read reviews on the difference and I have seen many people saying the extra cost of First isn’t really worth it as  it’s just small differences. Club World is just as comfortable and the flight really does fly by when you are comfy (no pun intended).

From: London Gatwick (LGW) – Orlando International (MCO)
Departing: 11.20am
Flight Time: 9 hours 15 minutes
Boeing 777

BA fly from Gatwick’s North Terminal and I was at airport nice and early for the flight. One of the great things about flying Club World is you get a separate check in from World Traveller (economy) and World Traveller Plus (economy plus), which doesn’t have the long queues. In a couple of minutes the luggage was checked in and I had my boarding pass. Gatwick is a great airport to fly from and there is a good choice of shops to browse from, including duty free. Flying Club World means you get access to the Terraces Lounge where you can wait before your flight.

In the lounge you will find nice comfy seats and free food and drink. As it was a morning flight breakfast was available so I just helped myself to some food.


It wasn’t long it was time to board. I’ve flown Club World before and I have to say that the seats are just amazing. They are perfect for long flights and give you the maximum comfort available. As soon as I had gotten myself sat down I was greeted by a friendly crew member who offered me a pre takeoff drink – water, orange juice or champagne. I went for orange juice, I preferred to have an alcoholic drink later on in the flight.

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 6.58.46 PM

Apart from the seat being super comfy, another bonus is the handy drawer space you get next to your seat. I decided to put all of my items I would be needing in there, it’s much easier than having to get up to the overhead lockers to keep grabbing items.

The seat basically can convert to a flat bed, which is excellent if you want to sleep. There are all different positions you can change the seat into. Instead of fully flat I like halfway between bed and seat, and the buttons on the side allow you to do it. You can also move the seat when you are sitting down, which is great as it means you don’t have to keep getting up all of the time.

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 6.58.53 PM

As soon as we were up in the air, the crew handed out menus to everyone. One of the perks of flying Club World is the food. You get a proper menu with 4 different choices. Food and drink is served on proper plates and your drink comes in an actual glass.

You get offered a 3 course meal – starter, main and dessert. I decided to skip the starter and just went for a main instead as I had eaten a lot in the lounge before. I decided to go for the four cheese ravioli with a Kir Royale to drink. For dessert I decided to go for the cheese selection. The pasta really wasn’t that bad and I did actually manage to finish it, even though I had eaten earlier.


If you fly First or Club World with BA they give out these amenity packs with socks, toothpaste and Elemis products in them. Elemis is one of my favorite skincare brands and I was really glad to see BA were using their products. The Elemis products are only available if you fly First or Club.

If you get hungry in between meals BA have this really amazing thing called the Club Kitchen. You just get up whenever you are feeling hungry and grab some snacks to eat. On this flight they had fruit, crisps, biscuits and chocolate.

Throughout the flight I was extremely comfy and didn’t want to move. I had plenty of time to watch tv and play video games. A few hours before landing afternoon tea was served which was a few sandwiches and some cakes. They also had this really nice orange and pink Battenburg which tasted amazing. I haven’t seen Battenburg that color before.



A few Kir Royale’s later the captain told us we were not far away from Orlando. Earlier on in the flight he had told us the flight would be 9 and a half hours because we were re routing around this storm, meaning it would be longer. I didn’t notice the extra time and when we landed I kept saying there was no way that was a 9 hour flight. Club was so comfy I wouldn’t have minded a few extra hours.

I highly recommend BA’s Club World. It’s a fantastic service and words cannot explain how comfortable it actually is.

An excellent flight from BA.


10 thoughts on “Flying Business Class To Orlando

  1. That’s cool! I have flown business with BA to Berlin and the food was lovely. I think their business class product is excellent. I have just flown Virgin Upper to Atlanta and have to say that was exceptional too. Now to save all my miles over the next few years to upgrade again!


  2. The high life indeed! I love flying business and first class, but alas don’t get to do it very often. Hopefully one day it’ll be the norm for me, makes such a difference to your journey… Fingers crossed!


    1. On a long flight the extra is worth it. Being crammed in for a long period of time isn’t very fun. You can get good deals at different times of the year. BA and Virgin have sales on their business class x


  3. I’ve done cattle class and we once went on the economy plus which was great as we flew back from the Caribbean on an overnight flight.
    I’d love to afford Upper or Club when we fly to Australia next. Twenty five odd hours in cattle isn’t comfy!


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